Check in with what you are feeling

If you have been through abuse you may have lost touch with your feelings. Getting in touch with your feelings puts you in touch with yourself and is crucial to avoid being victimised again in the future.

If you have been through abuse it is likely that your emotional expression and awareness has been compromised. Perhaps the predominant emotions are fear, anger or nothing at all. Usually this is an indication that your emotions are not following freely and are suppressed or negated.

An important step in abuse recovery is to get back in touch with and feel your full range of emotions. Rather than being frozen or overtaken by your emotions, you will develop a greater acceptance of your emotions. You realise that they come and go and that they give you important information about your life that you will wish to honour.

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I found it useful to check in each day and to write down what I was feeling thinking of as many adjectives as possible. After doing this I felt more relaxed and with more mental clarity.

To help you with this exercise is a list of hundreds of emotion words compiled by computer linguist Steven DeRose and arranged into the following categories: pain/pleasure, power/control/responsibility, attachment, social standing, justice, freedom, direction/focus, desire/interest, safety/security, and miscellaneous

Steven J. DeRose List of Emotion Words

This list contains adjectives which describe any emotional state you are likely to encounter in daily life. You can increase your awareness of your feelings with the help of this list looking for the words that best describe your current emotions.

When you do this regularly you will enjoy a feeling of expansiveness, aliveness and greater mental clarity.

Check out this video for a discussion on the power of emotional literacy

Richard Grannon – Emotional Literacy as an Unexpected Gateway to Healing from CPTSD



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